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CCTV Auckland – Installations & Upgrades

Click on this link to see some examples of our CCTV Auckland installations and different ways the technology is being used.

If you have a valuable asset it makes good sense to protect it with security cameras.  That’s why we’ve been doing CCTV Auckland wide and beyond since 2010.  Some of the team have experience dating back much farther to the early days of security cameras in Auckland.

Auckland is the best place on earth to live and do business and we do our bit to keep it that way.

Whether you need dozens of cameras on your industrial site, or just a few around the home we can help.  Our clients have ranged from NZ Police, Auckland Council, the Royal New Zealand Air Force through to some of the largest logistics and transport companies in the world at their Auckland facilities.

We’re also pretty good at getting security cameras installed on and around your home ( often some of the trickiest installs ).  Whether it’s a brand new semi-detached in Flat Bush, a 3 storey concrete palace in Remuera or a grand old villa in Epsom, we’ll get it working without detracting from the appearance of your home.

Special Note:  Make sure you understand how to set cctv time.  It’s often overlooked but the system time stamp is important.

CCTV Installation Auckland.  That’s what we do all day long!

Security Cameras Auckland – You Can Stop People Stealing Your Profit

There are a lot of ways people take your hard earned profit.  Some of them you’ll be aware of but some aren’t so obvious.  We’ve analysed tons of industrial business sites over the years and identified 10 ways it happens all the time.

If you’re going to install or upgrade your security cameras Auckland site , you need to make sure the job is designed with these 10 margin killers in mind.  Lots of people can run a cable nd screw a camera onto a wall.  But what are they focussed on when they design your system?


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