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NZ Business Directories

Connect your business to the digital world and get a free business directory listing to help you get more established online. NZ Business Directories aims at helping Kiwi business owners by providing you with a local place for users to submit their business on a prominent NZ website.

We rely on users to keep the business directory up and running as best as it can be by providing feedback on the services offered. Business owners are also encouraged to acquire reviews from clients in order to help you make the best decisions when picking a business to work with.

Help Us To Help You Grow Your Local Business

This website runs on a mutual benefit basis. We provide you a free platform to share, advertise and post your business. We in exchange, benefit from your listing as it helps the website grow and gain more visitors. These visitors will have the option to post their own business or use the NZ business directory, to find a service that they are requiring.

It’s very simple and totally free to everyone!

If you have any suggestions we welcome them on board and also look forward to seeing you inside!

Why New Zealand Business?

The wonders of the internet have provided everyday consumers the luxury of shopping online and connecting with businesses from all over the world. From fashion to electronics and toys, anything can be purchased from overseas and shipped to our doors. While this is very handy for us – the consumers – local shipowners, importers and sellers of goods are be bypassed and ultimately suffer with the reduced amount of customers shopping at their local stores.

This in turn effects local tradesmen and service providers are with less stores and shops operating and less people running their own business, the requirement for services to maintain those shops begins to dip.

So next time you decide to shop online for something, try make an effort to shop from a website that ends with a or do a search for local stores that may sell the product you need. You’ll be supporting your countries economy and most importantly, a small business owner just like you that is trying to make a life for their families in these trying times.

The Wonders Of Auckland

Auckland city is located in the north island of New Zealand and it holds the honour of being our biggest city. It has the most people living here out of all cities in New Zealand with a population of 1,6 million at the time of the last census. This is partly due to the large expanse of land that Auckland covers and it’s territories being recently extended to include towns like Warkworth and Wellsford in the North. This large population is very diverse with many cultures from all over the world living in Auckland. Auckland is also the home of the largest Polynesian population in the world!

The Maori name for Auckland is Tāmaki Makaurau which means Tāmaki desired by many. This references Aucklands aboundant natural resources and geography, with excellent harbours in both the east and west of the city.

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